THE ALTERNATIVE OFFICING TREND Hoteling is a form of “alternative officing” which allows employees who travel on business or work flexible hours to reserve desk space at the employer’s offices as needed, rather than maintaining a permanent work space there. This allows the employer to make more efficient use of […]

HOW TO MATCH A TEAM TO TASK There are numerous types of team, formal and informal, each suited to fulfilling particular tasks. Team leaders need to understand the objectives and goals of their team clearly in order to match tasks to the most appropriate style of team.  Formal Teams Formal […]

AUTOMATION AND THE SMALL BUSINESS Understanding and making use of automation-oriented strategic alternatives is essential for manufacturing firms of all shapes and sizes. It is particularly important for smaller companies, which often enjoy inherent advantages in terms of operational nimbleness.  But experts note that whatever your company’s size, automation of […]

HOW TO DETERMINE OVERHEAD RATES Overhead expenses are those production and nonproduction costs not readily traceable to specific jobs or processes.  Overhead expenses encompass three general areas: indirect materials, indirect labor, and all other miscellaneous production expenses, such as taxes, insurance, depreciation, supplies, utilities, and repairs. Therefore, overhead expense is […]

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