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TCB & ASSOCIATES serves as a one-step source for valuable and in-depth information on a wide range of topics of interest to business owners especially on business operations, human resources, management, and marketing.
Special emphasis is given to those issues, many of which affect businesses of all sizes and in all industries, impact small industries from new entrepreneurial ventures to well-established family businesses to rapidly growing enterprises poised for expansion into new markets and emerging industries.

TCB and Associates was incorporated in 1999 with Certificate Number LAZ 087042 of November 13, 1999, in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to also carry out among other businesses of providing consultancy services in the following areas:


  1. TCB and Associates is a certified agent of the British Council, Lagos, for international admissions into UK Colleges /Universities and other European countries
  2. Book publishing
  3. Editing of manuscripts, books, journals and magazines
  4. Conversion of messages from tapes, audio and video CDs into publishable format for pastors, teachers, public speakers, politicians, etc.
  5. Organize educational seminars and training programmes for private and public institutions.


Our human resource services cover staff management and professional resources, recruitment and e-training, business support services, formulation and organizational development.

TCB and Associates help organizations to achieve higher productivity through commitment at providing adequate and qualified staff.Our technical and professional staffs enable us to speed up the   recruitment process and select the most qualified candidates that will take care of clients’ needs.

We also undertake the following:

  1. Business seminars, workshops and training programmes.
  2. Project feasibility reports
  3. Project Supervision.
  4. Organizing Trade and Consumer Fairs.


At TCB & ASSOCIATES LTD we will help you transform and re-package your raw information into a finished product communication commodity. We want to work with you as partners, proofreading all your documents, editing all your manuscripts, transcribing your CDs, tapes and doing all your publishing and printing jobs.


We will carefully and meticulously proofread all your write-ups, manuscripts, power-point presentations, seminar papers, talk/speech scripts, newsletters, bulletins, business plans, sermon notes, novels, short stories and other documents. Our professional proof-readers read letter to letter, word to word, line to line and page to page for 3 to four times  to ensure that all kinds of mistakes and errors, whether grammatical or typographical,  are identified and corrected.


Documents are edited using the most recent proofreading and editing tools. Our comments and suggestions are listed at the right hand margin, which are easy to identify and accept into your document.


We can also help you to transcribe all audio/video messages into a writing format or Microsoft word. We have well-trained copy editors with listening and writing skills who are very skilled and swift in transcription. They listen attentively in order to transcribe the CDs/tapes word for word. After transcribing, we typeset the document and subsequently subject it for further proofreading and editing.


We publish your work and do a general printing for you. We have creative graphic artists who can design very well and make your work absolutely colourful. We publish/print books, magazines, handbills, posters, calendars, customized note books, I.V. cards, I.D cards, complimentary cards, letter-head papers, invoice, receipts, booklets and all kinds of printing jobs

OUR CLIENTS: Writers, Authors, Book Publishers, Ministers of God, Students, Lecturers, Website Designers e.t.c.


60, Toyin Davies Street, Ejigbo, Lagos, Nigeria.

Tel: 08056143683, 07031383339, 09027525763, 09092735860.

E-mails: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Whatsapp: 08056143683,

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Johny Watshon

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