MANAGING FORCED CORPORATE TRANSITION …strategies for circumventing the ‘sin bin’ of post-COVID-19 economy   By Chris N. Ohanemu, Ph.D   INTRODUCTION In this piece, we are not talking ECONOMICS, rather, we shall discuss MANAGEMENT. There is nothing new under the sun and those who ‘have visited heaven’ have not convinced […]

HOW TO MANAGE YOUR COLLEAGUES One of the most difficult things to get right is managing interruptions from colleagues. Either you become too available to each other, in which case you lose control of your time, or you are too distant and fail to take advantage of each other’s abilities. […]

MANAGEMENT COMPETENCIES THAT PROMOTE RAPID COMPANY GROWTH Entrepreneurial managers need a sound foundation in what is considered traditional management skills. The list below is divided into two cross-functional areas (administration and law and taxation) and four key functional areas (marketing, finance, production and operations, and microcomputers). Technical skills unique to […]

Manage What? for Managers Responding Assertively to a Customer Complaint You are the assistant manager of a paint store. Your store manager and all the service technicians have already gone home for the day. The phone rings and you find yourself talking to Mrs Philip, a customer who says (in […]

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