HOW EMPLOYEES REACT TO OVERTIME Overtime is work done beyond the regular work hours per week.  Any work over forty hours per week for an hourly worker is considered overtime. Businesses with seasonal peaks, with quotas and deadlines, or with the possibility of rush orders, will at some point probably […]

WHAT MAKES A GOOD TEAM? Teamwork is the foundation of all successful management. Managing teams well is a major and stimulating challenge to any manager, from novice to exceptional hand. A true team is a living, constantly changing, dynamic force in which a number of people come together to work. […]

HOW NON-COMPETITIVE AGREEMENTS WORK Non-competitive agreements are restrictive contracts between employers and employees that 1) prohibit workers from revealing proprietary information about the company to competitors or other outsiders or 2) forbid workers from themselves competing with their ex-employer for a certain period of time after leaving the company.  Non-competitive […]

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