WHY BUSINESS MODELS FAIL Developing a Business Concept A business concept is a concise description of an opportunity that contains four essential elements: The customer definition; the  value proposition (or benefit to the customer) and the compelling story; the product/service; and the distribution channel or means of delivering the benefit […]

HOW TO EVALUATE ADVERTISING RESULTS Once a business owner has successfully designed and placed an ad (or had the ad successfully designed and placed by an agency), he or she will be eagerly awaiting the increased sales and advertising promises. While advertising can be an effective means of increasing profitability, […]

THE IMPORTANCE OF A SALES FORCE A company’s sales force consists of its staff of salespeople. The role of the sales force depends to a large extent on whether a company is selling directly to consumers or to other businesses. In consumer sales, the sales force is typically concerned simply […]

HOW TO SET AN INVENTORY STRATEGY An inventory is a detailed, itemized list or record of goods and materials in a company’s possession. The main components of inventory are cycle stock: the order quantity or lot size received from the plant or vendor; in-transit stock: inventory in shipment from the […]

KEY ELEMENTS OF DEBT COLLECTION PROCESS Debt collection is the practice of obtaining payments from customers for purchases that have been made on credit. Devising and maintaining an efficient and effective system for collecting on overdue accounts should be a priority from every business. But many companies fail to give […]

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