WHY COMPANY VISION AND VALUES ARE IMPORTANT Vision Every great company begins with the entrepreneur’s vision of what that company will become. Just as top professional athletes envision everyday play of an upcoming game before they ever set foot on the playing field, so do entrepreneurs envision the kind of […]

HOW A COMPANY CAN GROW BY GOING GLOBAL Today the question for a growth-oriented company is not “Should we go global? But “when should we go global?” There are many reasons why entrepreneurs must consider the global market even as early as the development of their original business plan. For […]

ETHICS AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY Ethics or the moral code by which we live and conduct business – essentially the concept of right and wrong – derives from the cultural, social, political, and ethnic norms with which we are raised as children. People don’t always sit down to think about their […]

THE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT CYCLE There are ways for entrepreneurial firms to compete effectively in the area of production development. In fact the environment for product development is uniquely suited to smaller companies, which are often better able to adapt to change and move quickly in new directions. Three fundamental strategies […]

WHY BUSINESS MODELS FAIL Developing a Business Concept A business concept is a concise description of an opportunity that contains four essential elements: The customer definition; the  value proposition (or benefit to the customer) and the compelling story; the product/service; and the distribution channel or means of delivering the benefit […]

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