DECIDING WHETHER TO HIRE A CONSULTANT A consultant is an individual who possesses special knowledge or skills and provides that expertise to a client for a fee. Consultants help all sorts of businesses find and implement solutions to a wide variety of problems, including those related to business start-up, marketing, […]

STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL INVESTOR PRESENTATIONS Investor presentations are an important but often overlooked aspect of entrepreneurial efforts to secure financing for their businesses.  Presentations are particularly important to business owners hoping to raise money from private investors. Whereas institutional investors such as banks rely primarily on financial statements, business plans, […]

KEY ELEMENTS OF A BUSINESS PROPOSAL Business proposals are documents that attempt to persuade targeted clients to buy a particular service or products. These documents, which are used in academia and government as well as business and industry, nay range from relatively short (a few pages) proposals to “formal” documents […]

HOW INCUBATORS FACILITATE BUSINESS SURVIVAL Business incubators are business assistance programs that provide entrepreneurs with an inexpensive startup environment and a range of administrative, consulting, and networking services. In essence, these programs, which may be managed by econo0mic development agencies, local governments, for-profit businesses, or colleges and universities, serve as […]

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