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International Higher Education has reached unprecedented levels of popularity, with students from all parts of the world moving out of their country to pursue educational opportunities. Most of the migration is towards the more developed countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, which have historically been the top destinations for higher education among international students.

Despite all the benefits one accrues through international higher education, the cost involved can be too dear on many applicants. As a result of which, there are many scholarship programs which offer opportunities to bright and qualified applicants to study abroad without worrying over expenses.

Presently, there are many such programs you can avail, but a few of them offer eye-catching benefits and are known as the most reputed ones. I am going to let you know what these scholarships are.

So, here are 6 top scholarships which can make your dream of studying abroad come true.

  1. Fulbright Scholarship.
    One of the most reputed scholarships in the world is the Fulbright scholarship. Started by Senator J. William Fulbright in the year 1946, the program is known to make many grants every year. It is managed by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs which operates under the aegis of U.S. Department of State and gets coordination from institutions spread across more than 150 countries.
    In order to secure this scholarship, you must be an applicant with exemplary academic background, impressively drafted statement of purpose, a track record of extra-curricular activities, and the ability to adjust and cooperate. You can secure grants for education in the field of social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, etc.
  2. The Gates Millennium Scholarship.
    Another well-known scholarship which can open doors to prestigious American universities, the Gates Millennium Scholarship is sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which, as you would have already guessed, is founded by Bill and Melinda Gates.
    The benefits under the scholarship are plentiful including full financial assistance for education in any college or university in the United States. In addition to financial assistance, grantees are given social support and mentored throughout their education period here in the country.
  3. Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship program.
    ADB Japan Scholarship Program for Developing Countries in Asia and Pacific is a well-sponsored scholarship which enables citizens of developing member countries of ADB having the exceptional academic background to enrol in postgraduate courses in the participating universities in Asian and Pacific region.
    The scholarship is awarded in the field of science, technology, management, and economics. Moreover, it is offered with respect to admissions in select universities. Every year, more than 300 grants are made under this program. Under it, you are given full financial assistance, monthly housing allowance, medical insurance, travel expenses, and whatnot.
  4. Commonwealth Scholarships.
    Properly called the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan, it is an international program which is not centrally administered and is aimed at providing scholarship to citizens of the members of the commonwealth. It is administered on the basis of bilateral arrangements among countries, with each country establishing or nominating an agency to look after the operation of the scholarship.
    The scholarship is offered annually and granted to those who have maintained an exemplary academic record. The benefits include travel allowance, tuition fees, allowance for personal maintenance, and others.
  5. Erasmus Mundus.
    The European Union runs Erasmus Mundus which is a program aimed at ensuring that students are able to engage in qualitative higher education. The scholarship targets internationalization of students by engaging them in programs which give them maximum exposure.
    Under this program, grants are provided to a number of students who are enrolled in postgraduate courses. The funding provides a number of benefits such as participation costs, insurance during the time of stay, and housing allowance. Scholarships are also provided for doctoral studies.
  6. Chinese Government Scholarship-Bilateral Program.
     The Chinese Government runs a scholarship program which is based on agreements or Memorandum of Understandings between it and the governments of other countries or institutions. The program provides scholarship grants for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses in various universities in China. These scholarship programs are governed by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) [English version] that has been set up by China’s Ministry of Education (MOE).

The benefits of the scholarship may vary. Much of the benefits depend on the agreements I just mentioned. So, it is advised that you check on the official website of the university you are applying to know what the real status is.

Source: CEOWORLD magazine

Bernard Taiwo

I am Management strategist, Editor and Publisher.

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