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Photo Credit: Olamikan Gbemiga/AP

By Isaac Kanu

Without mincing words, this seeming question has been a consistent issue that cannot be waved aside. This is because it is very paramount that if any person will make any meaningful progress, in terms of security in terms of lives and properties cannot be over emphasized. In Nigeria today, the lives and properties of citizens are no longer safe. Many Nigerian are apprehensive and worried about what becomes of them knowing that the state has lost its grip on providing adequate security for everyone.

Each day, one is afraid of hearing horrific news about happenings around the country. Though the security question exists in various dimensions, the most alarming and disturbing is the Boko Haram invasion which has escalated especially in the North East. In fact, their operations have become disturbing, heartbreaking and dreaded even by those it is their legal duty to curtail them.

Despite the fact that it is the responsibility of government to protect our lives and properties; it has become a cause of worry on why the clandestine activities of Boko Haram have become fearful and threatening our collective existence as a nation. This indeed is something we must handle with care.

Though our security operatives often claim that they are making positive efforts at curtailing insurgents, one wonders why they (insurgents) seem more organized and better equipped than our security personnel. Therefore it is expedient that those in charge of security to know that the activities of Boko Haram and other pockets of militants in the Niger Delta who are agitating for the control of oil wells in their domain are no longer a child’s play. They are always ready to change their strategy of attacks. It is an irony that our borders are porous; stringent efforts must, therefore, be made at the borders to bring in more security personnel at alleviating security challenges.

While the government’s efforts at fighting Boko Haram have been commendable, it has also made appreciable success in combating kidnapping activities. The most prominent was the capture and arrest of kidnapping kingpin popularly known as Evans, who has been responsible for high-profile kidnapping across the country. He is currently undergoing trial in Lagos. Unfortunately, this has not reduced the activities of kidnappers as they have become more daring and ruthless.  Except the government introduces new methods and sterner laws to curtail their activities, we may be having a time bomb in our hands so much that we might no place to run to for safety when it blows.


Bernard Taiwo
I am Management strategist, Editor and Publisher.