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Time can sail past for some people and drag for others. Which of the two applies to you depends mostly on your attitude. Use the power of positive thinking to make your plans successful, and even the most distasteful of tasks will seem painless.

Enjoying Life

Different people have different ways of enjoying themselves, but if you do not make time to do the things you genuinely enjoy, your whole outlook can be adversely affected. Be aware of the tasks at work that give you particular pleasure, and make sure that they are well spread throughout your schedule. Plan regular leisure outings – to the cinema, music festivals, etc. In addition, try to cultivate a positive outlook, even when not engaged in the tasks that give you particular pleasure.

Dealing With Problems 

With a positive attitude to life, it is much easier ( and quicker) to manage your time and solve problems at work. Start focusing on feeling good about yourself and your life, and you will be less likely to interpret the problems of others as your own.  This will help you to be objective and constructive in coming up with methods of dealing with tight schedules and budgets, and resolving conflict.\

Case Study

Bolaji, a sales executive had been asked to attend a high-pressure meeting, which included staff from other departments among its participants. A week before the meeting, Bolaji realized that she had been convincing himself that it would go badly. She decided it was time to change her pattern of negative thinking into positive thinking.

First, she used various prioritizing techniques To ensure her material would be prepared well. Then, she set about positively visualizing the meeting and its outcome. She ‘saw’ herself stand up, clear her throat, and gave the report she had prepared. She then imagined herself successfully answering all of the questions that came from other participants at the meeting. Finally, she visualized the approval on the faces of her colleagues, especially the ones she felt intimidated by,

On the day, the meeting went just as Bolaji had imagined –  and this boosted her confidence.

Avoiding Stress

By definition, busy people do not seem to have time to plan their future. It takes determination to find time in a busy schedule to think about how to use the next few hours productively. Psychologically, however, it is good practice to plan your activities because it enables you to be in command of your time, putting you back in “in the driving seat” of situations that look as if they might go out of control. When you take the time to plan, you can consciously be positive – and this will help you avoid stress as well as achieve your goals.


  1. Make sure you do at least one thing every day that you enjoy
  2. 2. Read a passage from your favourite author the last thing at night.
  3. 3. Concentrate on your colleagues’ and clients’ positive attributes.
  4. 4. Use an organizer to list weaknesses, then plan how to combat them, one by one.

Bernard Taiwo

I am Management strategist, Editor and Publisher.

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