By Prof Ogundele The modern world is anchored to education especially at the university level, understandably because robust human capital – the gateway to socio-political stability and industrialization can never be engendered without it (education). Industrialization is the strong vehicle for sustainable economic growth and development in a myriad of […]

Causes Causes of falling standard of education in Nigeria include: Crave for paper qualification, Government Being the Source of the Problem, Poor Infrastructure, Accessibility to Schools, Teachers’ Welfare, Sector Neglect, Examination Malpractice, Lack of Dedication of Teachers, and disinterestedness of Parents in their Children’s Education.   Crave for Paper Qualification: […]

PROBLEMS OF UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT IN NIGERIA The story of university education in Nigeria today has largely been a story of mixed fortune. These institutions initially laid claims in making respectable impact on the socio-political and economic advancement of Nigeria. Today, there are doubts whether Nigerian universities under the present conditions […]

By I. A. Ajayi and Ekundayo  Haastrup Education is widely accepted as a major instrument for promoting socioeconomic, political and cultural development in Nigeria. Universities educate future leaders and develop the high-level technical capacities that underpin economic growth and development. The main purpose and relevance of university education in Nigeria […]

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