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Managing your time successfully involves more than just organizing your workload. Work will suffer if you do not schedule regular breaks to recharge your batteries. Try to make time for family and friends, hobbies, and leisure activities.

Taking Daily Breaks

Some business leaders include a regular period on their day when they briefly take time off. Similar to the siesta, it is often taken after lunch. Their doors are shut to interruptions, allowing them to take a short period of semi-sleep (only about 10 minutes) which has a recuperative effect on the body.

Schedule a set time each day to switch off; pick a quiet period that fits in with your personal energy rhythm and work obligations.  With practice, you will be able to reduce this rest time.


It can be difficult to find a suitable place to take such a break. Open plan offices lack privacy and are noisy, making it difficult to relax. Try to find a vacant room or office away from all disturbances.


Recharging Batteries

To recharge your batteries, you must live a well-balanced life and schedule time off. Spend this time with family and friends, exercise regularly, eat properly, learn new things, and take holidays. If you do not have school-age children, plan breaks to coincide with quiet periods at work. Off-season holidays can also provide relaxation, since destinations are less crowded.


Planning Ahead

Good time management means planning ahead. Scheduling holidays in advance allows you to organize your workload around your breaks. At the start of each year, take the time and effort to organize your diary. Work out when you are likely to be busy and when your workload will be lightest.  Look ahead at the year as a whole, and plan your holidays accordingly. Ask everybody in your office to do the same in their own schedule, and you will soon be able to see if any conflicts of time are going to arise.



Taking time off should not make you feel guilty. It will help you to be more effective in your work.

Even a few minutes’ break from work can be rejuvenating.

A working holiday is a complete contradiction in terms.

Exercise helps to reduce stress and can provide a useful break from work if your workplace has showers and changing facilities.

Holidays and time off work should be regarded as a good exercise in delegation.



Take two or three short holidays each year instead of one long one.

Schedule regular time off to pursue your hobbies and leisure interests.

Aim to experience something new everyday.

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I am Management strategist, Editor and Publisher.

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Sat May 23 , 2020
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