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 People’s attitudes towards time are complex and variable. If you want to use your time efficiently to accomplish all that you need to do at work and at home, you need to be aware of the current habits and attitudes that shape your use of time.


Our attitudes to time are constantly changing. Many of these changes are due to the advent of new technology, which affects our work, travel, and communication. The Internet, e-mail, and modems have made the exchange of information almost instantaneous. Travel, especially over long distances, has become faster and more affordable. The increase in options has made it possible for us to do more in a day, but has also increased the pressure on our time. This makes it all the more important to use time in the most efficient and productive way.


Everybody is increasingly aware of the cost of time. Individual and departments are held accountable for their use of time: goals are clearly defined and financial penalties are incurred for missed deadlines. Company cultures can have an important influence on how employees use their time. In too many organizations, working long hours is equated with working hard; if you leave on time, others may think you are not pulling your weight. In fact, long hours often decrease efficiency and productivity. Ways of using time become habitual, so make an initial investment of time to rethink and improve these habits. The rewards will be the ability to control your workload, and more time to focus on the most important aspects of your job.


  1. Set aside time each day to review and prioritize demands on your time.
  2. Take a small chunk of a difficult task, and deal with it straight away.

Bernard Taiwo

I am Management strategist, Editor and Publisher.

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Tue Jan 7 , 2020
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